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Discover a new chapter in the
rich history of Longhorn Quarry


Discover a new chapter in the
rich history of Longhorn Quarry

A new neighborhood and public space bordering San Antonio’s downtown core that celebrates the historic site it sits on. Destined to become the newest destination entertainment, shopping and meeting place in San Antonio.

A mixed-use hub incorporating community-focused retail, culture and public gathering spaces. Longhorn Quarry is committed to creating a lasting community legacy, rooted in its industrial past and focused on achieving a more sustainable future.


A destination for both local residents and visitors to San Antonio

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A revitalized
historic site

All of the landmarks of Longhorn Quarry are to be transformed into a destination marketplace that tells the story of the land’s past and paves the way for the future.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Community-focused merchants

The Longhorn Quarry goal is to promote the retail opportunity to community- minded businesses who share the Quarry’s values and want to become mainstays as the community is formed.

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A mixed-use

Longhorn Quarry is a master planned community designed to transform this area of the city into a vibrant hub by combining living space, business, leisure and culture.

Image by Florian Savatry

Explore Life in
Longhorn Quarry

Longhorn Quarry, San Antonio's emerging mixed-use estate, is where urban development and nature flourish into the envisioned growth center of the region. Bitterblue, will develop Longhorn Quarry, an integrated mixed-use development that will have a commercial district, business and industrial park, university zones, retail centers, recreational areas, as well as residential neighborhoods.

Image by Robert Bye

A Premier Sports and Entertainment Venue

Morgan's Inspiration Island

Morgan's Inspiration Island is like a tropical-island paradise with colorful splash pads, the River Boat Adventure ride and revolutionary waterproof wheelchairs!


Star Soccer Complex

It is used primarily for youth club soccer and adult league soccer. It is located in the former Longhorn Quarry, adjacent to Toyota Field, and Morgan's Wonderland, and near Heroes Stadium.


Toyota Field

Toyota Field is a soccer-specific stadium located next to Heroes Stadium, and adjacent to the STAR Soccer Complex and Morgan's Wonderland, the facility opened on April 13, 2013


Heroes Stadium

Heroes Stadium is a 11,000-seat, open style football stadium serving the public school district North East ISD in San Antonio


A Variety of Businesses thrive in the Longhorn Quarry Area


The Academy at

Morgan's Wonderland

Nationally accredited school for students with various types of mild to moderate disabilities.


Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of Teleton USA


45,000 square foot facility to provide treatment and therapy for children with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.

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The Upton: A beautiful new apartment complex in the heart of it all


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