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The historical Longhorn Quarry opened in 1929

One of four rock quarries operating in San Antonio, Longhorn Quarry was founded in 1929 with a cement plant to extract limestone, the raw material used in making Portland Cement. The quarry was at its peak during WWII because cement was an important commodity during the war. The plant’s employees lived in Longhorn Village, a community near the quarry that included a church, school, playgrounds, parks and a lighted baseball field.

About Portland Cement

The name “Portland” Cement refers to stone that was quarried from the Isle of Portland on the channel coast of England. Portland Cement is an artificial cement originally developed and patented by a British inventor. It is the most commonly used cement in the world and is a fine powder consisting of 90 percent ground clinker, which is mainly burned limestone.

The Longhorn Quarry Trains

The Longhorn Quarry trains traveled on tracks from the rock quarry to the cement plant, delivering quarried limestone to the primary crusher and then to the raw material grinding mills. Additionally, trains brought coal to the quarry to heat three rotary cement kilns used in the process of creating Portland Cement. The quarry’s manufacturing operations ended in 1987.